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When you receive the same email forwarded from three different sources, it must be a good one… and it is, so I am sharing this with you today.

We are all so busy (especially during this holiday season), and I applaud you all for your efforts in balancing your workloads with personal endeavors.  But I also know it’s not easy, causing stress and angst when we are under time pressures from home and work, client and partner expectations and deadlines.  As explained in the video found via the link below, the best way to combat the potentially detrimental physical symptoms from stress is to find comfort in human connection.  We are very fortunate at our firm to have a familial atmosphere with an open door policy, encouraging everyone to speak freely and honestly with their colleagues.  We can lean on each other for help and support; can ask for a shoulder to cry on; or even request a few minutes “to vent” and complain a bit, all in the spirit of regaining our perspective and composure.  It’s all good… that’s what being part of the Withum family is all about!  And if we flip how we think about stress, we can actually turn the negative physical effects into positive ones. When you have a few moments, enjoy the video below.  You’ll be a better person for it.

Click here for “How to Make Stress Your Friend.”


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