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As parents, we get very excited about the birth of our children.  At the time, however, very few of us think about the trials and tribulations of raising them.  There are the terrible two’s, the separation anxiety of kindergarten, and of course, the rebellious teenage years. What’s worse, there is no instruction manual.  These days with the world wide web, you can get some assistance; Google has all the answers.  However, when my wife and I began this journey there was little guidance without reading a lengthy book by the pop psychologist of the moment that usually had some controversial theories.  So, you follow your best instincts.  You try to instill in them a good moral structure, give them manners and encourage them to be good students.  If we can get a good, responsible citizen that can provide for themselves as an end product, we are thrilled.


Recently, my wife and I celebrated the college graduation of our third child and only daughter Mary-Elizabeth from The Catholic University of America.  Having watched this little girl mature into a responsible young woman is one of the highlights of my life (an even tie, of course, with her brothers).  Naturally, with my heavy work load, the majority of the credit goes to my wife.  However, all we can do as parents is guide, cajole and try to set a proper example. The majority of the credit is squarely on the shoulders of my daughter for the many hours of hard work that goes into becoming a college graduate and responsible citizen.

As we sat there through the graduation ceremony, I was taken to flashing back to the years of her childhood, the good and the bad (overwhelmingly good) and wonder where 22 years had gone. Then it occurs to me that this is just another milestone for her and our family. The journey will continue as her career in teaching begins and her life takes on new meaning.

As parents, although most of the heaving lifting of child rearing is complete, we have much to anticipate as we get to watch Mary-Elizabeth and her siblings mature and make an impact on their world.

I can’t think of a more gratifying hobby.


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