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In our world, we call tax season “the busy season” for a reason – everyone our firm is exceptionally busy churning out the tax returns and financial statements for our valuable individual and business clients. However, in our profession as well as others that sell professional services for a living, we must be mindful that busy season can also present additional marketing opportunities that will lead to new business after busy season.


A common error that accountants, attorneys, engineers and architects make is that when we are swamped providing great service to our clients, we become fully immersed in the project at hand. Admittedly, this can be profitable as well as intellectually challenging, working 24/7 solving clients problems.  However we tend to give back the profits when we are not prepared for the inevitable down time that will occur after our “busy” period.


Here are a few methodologies we try to employ to minimize the effect of the post busy time downturn.


  • Value Add. Turn a one-time client into a repeat client. Get contacts signed up for applicable firm newsletters, tax tips, seminars, etc. Provide contacts you’re working with information that will help them beyond busy season.


  • Ask for the referral. Once you have helped save our client money or they have complimented us on what a great job we’ve done, let them know we enjoy doing their work. Clients are our best sales people – they already believe in our firm and our abilities.


  • Don’t forget referral sources. Call one of your top referral sources to see if they have any new leads. Set up a lunch.  Hey, everyone needs to eat no matter how busy they are! They will be impressed you took the time to call them during busy season. Remember, we are helping them as much as they are helping us.


  • Client Service. Nurture your client relationships and let them know how important they are to you. Don’t just assume they know this – tell them. Our relationships with clients need to always be nurtured and never taken for granted. When appropriate, ask them if there are things we could be doing better. Client service and strong relationships with our clients are crucial to the future of our firm.


It is so important (and easy) to stay in front of clients and prospects during busy season. With just a little time each week, it is possible to turn busy season into marketing season!


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