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We have a lot to be thankful for this past Thanksgiving.  Family and health have been great.  Business is moving forward as we learn to adapt to the new normal of slow organic growth and stable profitability.


jerseyThe recent storm has made me appreciate and be thankful for strong leadership, as well.  I have watched Governor Christie here in New Jersey and Mayor Doherty in my home town of Belmar, NJ, demonstrate exemplary leadership through the trials and tribulations of Super Storm Sandy. Both were on top of the storm early on with cautionary messages as it approached.  After the storm passed, they were out in the forefront hosting outside politicians, the President in Christie’s case and the Governor in Doherty’s case, to highlight the devastation and extent of the damage, positioning our state and town for much-needed government funding.


And now that the photo ops are over and Sandy is fading from national news, we continue to see real movement toward recovery.  The barrier islands are regaining their infrastructure slowly but deliberately, and my town looks like a construction site as they move to have Ocean Avenue rebuilt by the summer.  During the course of this catastrophe, communication has been steady and progress can be seen everywhere.


So, I am thankful that we have leaders with the skills necessary to lead us back to a sense of normalcy, and I am optimistic we will rebuild a stronger Jersey Shore.


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Everyone here in the Northeast has been through a very difficult and unprecedented couple of weeks. Hurricane Sandy ripped through the Jersey Shore and devastated our communities throughout NY and NJ. Many people lost their lives to the storm suffering the ultimate devastation.


We were fortunate at our firm, that while we had a fair amount of damage to the homes of some of our staff, and just about everyone suffered the inconvenience of loss of power for many days, everyone in our WSB family was safe.


The important thing is that we must all move on from here. New Yorkers/New Jerseyans tend to be a resilient group on the whole. Now that we all have power, there are many more issues to navigate over the coming months, insurance claims, contractors and replacing all the “stuff” that was lost to the storm, and for some people getting back in their homes and resuming some sense of normalcy.


This is where the power of positive attitudes needs to take over. It would be easy to wallow in the devastation and allow it to freeze us up and slow us down. But all that will do is prolong the agony. While we love to complain, we are all very fortunate to live in a society and economy that can afford to rebuild. We are also part of a community that has bound together to help each other. I have seen those in need, offered housing, food and clothing, directly from friends, neighbors and co-workers.


So we need to rebuild on the positives, and as we face the challenges of the next year in this process remember how lucky we are to have this beautiful part of the country to live in.

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