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I am reminded by the NCAA Tournament that one of the best things I enjoy about being in business is the competition. Every day we compete for staff and clients and on a grander scale, we are responsible for the strategic direction of the Firm so we can continue to compete into the future.


When we compete for talented staff through our recruitment efforts, we demonstrate that our culture is unique and we provide an environment for staff to be challenged and grow intellectually and professionally. In today’s environment, this is a critical part of our strategy and ties to the other aforementioned goals. We must have great staff in order to not only compete for new clients, but to also keep hold of our current clients by providing world class service.


Having bright, young people also fits well within our overall strategy of keeping the Firm for multiple generations. When I meet with our new staff, I always comment that the future leaders of our Firm may be in the room. It is our responsibility to develop them through training.


While competition keeps my juices running, it’s the satisfaction of developing and working every day with talented young people which really keeps me energized.




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As we enter March and all the St Patrick’s Day celebrations starting as early as this weekend, I can’t help but be reminded about how important it is to celebrate as individuals and as companies. Because who celebrates better than the Irish do their heritage?


One of the qualities that make many leaders and their organizations successful is their ability to stay focused and on task. This focus, however, doesn’t make it easy to sit back and review our accomplishments, thank those who worked hard to accomplish the success and learn from what was achieved.


Many of us wait for the end of the year to reflect, however, our young people today require constant feedback.  One way to accomplish that is to plan events that will give everyone a chance to celebrate as an organization. For the month of March, each of our offices will plan a half day bowling outing.  This gives us all a chance to take a breather in the middle of tax season and thank our staff for the effort so far, and recharge our batteries for the final run of busy season.


So, join the Irish this month and allow yourself to celebrate!  Isn’t everyone a little Irish in March, anyway?

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