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I am always reminded this time of year that our most precious and valuable asset is our client relationships. Without clients, we don’t have the revenue and cash to pay our bills and support the 450+ families that rely on our Firm for a living.


Client service is always at the core of these relationships. Service in our world primarily consists of providing timely accurate advice, which means we must be up to date in current tax and GAAP developments.  It also means we invest in talented people who enjoy studying these technical areas and, more importantly, can communicate complex subjects to our clients who are not as technically inclined… and likely don’t want to be.


Great client service also means that we provide deliverables on time; one of our favorite mantras in the Firm is to “under promise and over deliver.” This means to give our clients realistic delivery dates which meet their external delivery requirements, and then work our organization to beat our promised delivery date. Clients are always thrilled when we can accomplish this objective.


With World Class Client Service, we can then build the personal relationship with our clients, and this can be the most fulfilling aspect of the job.  Understanding their hobbies, helping them with family succession planning, and simply becoming friends is one of the most rewarding parts of our profession.


So, if you are responsible for a client relationship in your business, start to build it with great over-the-top service. Do everything in an effort to have the client marvel at your service abilities. The rest will all fall in to place and you will have a great client for a long time.




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Recently, I had the pleasure of hearing Tom Flick speak for the second time in three months.  We had the privilege of having him as a presenter at our annual partners retreat held in October, and he was the keynote speaker at the Winning is Everything conference in Las Vegas this past month. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tom, he is a former NFL quarterback who is now a respected motivational speaker, presenting on topics such as leadership, teamwork, change and personal growth, basing much of his content on his experiences in the NFL.


When he spoke at our partners retreat, we asked him to concentrate on encouraging our partners to push beyond their comfort zones and stress constant personal improvement. It was important that we bring home the message that while we are all successful in our own right, we can never “rest on our laurels”. The current competitive business climate requires us to constantly update our approach to the market and be on top of client service demands. If we fall short at this, we can certainly count on our competitors to fill the void. Tom spoke to our group about using “Go Language” in our business lives, going out of our way to reach beyond our comfort zones and the benefits of building legacy teams within our organization.


This was the first time we used a presenter outside of our profession and by all accounts it was a success. Like the senior executives in any organization, the partners in our Firm are critical to our success and keeping them motivated and all “on the same page” is extremely important to our long-term success.



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